Protecting your port, beholding your dignity


Mediport Health Wear offers Port access clothing for patients undergoing chemo or any other treatment which requires a totally implantable venous access device.

These shirts allows you or your clinician to readily reach your treatment site without disrobing, so that you’re comfortable and dignified during treatment.

Below is how it works

You will need to receive therapy through your implanted port but no one ever plans what to wear, until now. There is no need to completely unbutton your shirt, get undressed or to lose your dignity. Make it easy for doctors to access while you cover your body. You will receive this port implant. A port is more correctly known as a “totally implantable venous access device”. Brand Names include Eco Port, Clip-a-Port, SmartPort, Microport, Bardport, PowerPort, Passport, Port-a-Cath, Infuse-a-Port, Medi-Port, and Bioflo.


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