After being diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2018, I did as much research regarding treatment options as possible. One of my main concerns regarding Chemo Therapy is what I can wear during my treatment phase.


I learned that most people recommended a loose type of shirt with buttons so that the nurses will be able to allocate my port and administer the treatment.


Easier said than done, I went from one retailer to the other, only to walk out empty handed. This was not because the retailers did not have something that will work, but more of a case that they did not have a product that can cater to all my needs.


I wanted something that will not expose my underwear or reveal any other fragile parts of my body. I was unsure how many people will do doing treatment with me, and if  patients will only be female. I knew that treatment would take hours and comfortability was a major concern.


After endless nights of online searching, I came across a site that supplied port accessible clothing, but one had to import them from the States.


Not knowing if I would be able to order the product nor if I will receive it before my treatment I decided that this is just another dead end.


A family member took a major leap of faith and decided that she will design a product that can assist me during my chemo treatment.


On the morning of my first treatment day I received a parcel from Angelique, a bright pink port accessible t-shirt, I was amazed by this product a could not wait to wear it.


I was surprised to realise that this product did not only meet al my needs, but  exceeded my expectations.


It was comfortable, it gave my nurse and doctor easy access to my port implant. I was able to wear the shirt without any bra, and knew that no person will know it. The material was light but also kept my body temperature regulated. It helped with my self-confidence as I knew that no unwanted part of my breast area will be exposed. I was able to undergo my treatment and hold my dignity whilst doing it.


Mediport Healthwear did not only make my chemo therapy treatment easier but eliminated a lot of other worries and concerns I had to deal with. This shirt is not a luxury but a necessity for any person who needs to undergo port accessible treatment.


Thank you Mediport Healthwear !


Teresa Pretorius